Why list your event with MySportsFee.com.... 3 simple reasons...

  1. Site Registration
    By registering for MySportsFee.com all your event purchases will be tracked and logged so you can return at anytime to get your history of events. You will also be able to be notified by the event director for any late breaking news.
  2. Some of the least expensive processing fees anywhere
    Over the last few years there were only a couple of large online registration sites. Unfortunately they knew it was a small market and started charging astronomical processing fees for registration. This was the main reason behind MySportsFee. Originally built to support some of Colorado's premiere racing events, we have now created an off-shoot of MyEntryFee to allow all event directors the same benefits we have enabled for other Colorado event organizers. Our sister site MyEntryFee has supported some of Colorados best races including Mile High Duathlon Series, Big Sky Duathalon, Boulder stroke & stride, XTorra Lory, and many others...
  3. Completely Customizable
    Regardless if you are registered a single racing event or an entire soccer league. Our registration system is the most flexible on the web allowing event coordinators the flexability they want in setting up registration.